Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Essence Of Color

Sweet-like-cotton-candy local brand, Cielo de Nina, just released its latest collection called The Essence Of Color. I can't help but immediately fell in love with it, especially to this oversized cardigan (first picture). So, which one is your favorite?

Crazy Sale Drives Me Crazy

Yesterday I spent my whole day with my momma and granny. We went to Sudirman Citywalk to shop at that 90% off Zara event thingy and, man, didn't I have fun there. I bought a military jacket. It was Rp 699,000 before discount and after discount, Rp 99,000! Crazy sale, crazy sale. My granny bought herself some white blazer, it was Rp 999,000 and thanks to the nutsy discount, she only had to pay Rp 199,900! Too bad today is the last day. I knew about it 3 days before it ended. However, guess what, this 4th November, there will be another crazy sale exactly like this, but only better, at Grand Indonesia. Brands included are Zara, Pull n Bear, Massimo Dutti, Topman/Topshop and many more. I will definitely go there.

Here is what I wore yesterday. Simple? Too simple? Whatcha think guys?

White basic v-neck: Zara
Denim hotpants: Zara
Maroon boots: Mitchybelle
Black and gold sling bag: Charles and Keith
Tubular shawl: Cotton Ink
Navy zipper flower ring: Lumi by Alxalexa

Also, I am planning to have do that custom-made thingy on these cutie boots, gonna modify it a little though. So, I'm starting to save up some money. Well, good luck for me.

By the way, I have a super great news to share. Hmm, to make it more interesting I'm not gonna tell you guys now. Wait for it on Wednesday. Okay? Make sure y'all keep your eyes on my Fashion Mansion because it really is a hell of a great newwsss! Kiss, kiss

Monday, October 25, 2010

This is Fashion

Retail Therapy's latest lookbook! Man, I'm super excited. Before I start..this local brand is one of my favorite ones eveerrr! I'm super honored that the owner herself, Kalista, asked me to do a review on her latest collection on my blog before it's even launched. Two days before she sent me these pictures I decided to make a quick stop at her store. I wanted to see the collection in person and, believe me, these pictures don't lie. They really are great, the real goodies are even greater. I strongly recommend you girl to buy them. Okay, let's start with the further review. Enjoy people! :D

Personally, I'm loving this collection like oh so much, even more than the previous one. The fabric is super light and flowy, really really suits the design of the clothes. They may have loads of details but the right fabric supports them to still be super comfy to be worn in any occasion. Also, look at the colors. They are all basic and long lasting, you don't have to worry that they will wear out because they all are classically fashionable.

Believe me, y'all won't regret buying loads of Retail Therapy's latest collection. Not just another to-die-for clothes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Journey Home

One of my favorite local brands, Cotton Ink, has just launched their holy month special collection and I can't help but falling in love with all of their goodies. Yeah, goodies. All good! I'm thinking of buying their light sand boxy tee with tassels. It's super cutteee!

Vogue Germany, September 2010

I discovered these amazing fashion spread of Vogue Germany, September 2010 issue. "Salon Berlin" with Constance Jablonski as the model photographed by Alexi Lubomirski. Enjoy these fashionable spread, people!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek of what I am gonna wear tomorrow :)

Sheer top with square details: By Catch, Happy Go Lucky
Ripped denim: Zara
Maroon boots: Mitchybelle
Purple sheer up ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Unbranded random bangles

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Bit Late

Last Thursday I attended Brightspot Market opening party. It was at Plaza Indonesia Extension, went there with a bunch of fashion-bloggers friends. We had a lot of fun there, the opening party was such a joy. However, I think the opening party should be more private and exclusive because it was too crowded for an opening party. It was like it was opened for public but other than that, last thursday I had a blast. Here were some of the tenants, great ones as always.

Last but not least, thanks for the lovely evening girls :)

Basic grey tee: Zara
Harem pants: Zara
Vintage wedges: my mommy's
Statement necklace: Cilandak Town Square
Pink ring: Lumi by Alxalexa

Monday, July 5, 2010

Support The Superbs

Make sure you do not miss this superb local movement event! :D Be there or be sorry, people.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cotton Ink PF 2010

One of my favorite local brands, Cotton Ink, is about to launch their Pre-Fall 2010 collection next week in Brightspot Market (8-11 July 2010) but us, fashion bloggers, have the honor to review it beforehand. Woohoo! So, guys, here you go, Cotton Ink Pre-Fall 2010 collection.

Clarissa shirt, available in black and white
4-ways kimono top, available in crisp white and pale brown
Oversized shirt, avaible in barely blush and off white
April top, available in white and darkgrey
Miniboxy with collar, available in black and white
Drawstring shorts, available in sky blue, black, chocolate and dark navy


Yeah, finally! Finally, I am updating my blog again. It has been a super long time, huh? I got caught hanging out with my friends a little bit too much that I forgot to update my Fashion Mansion. Huhu. But now I am back. So, enjoy.

Asymmetrical cropped top: Kidnapped Ally, Jakcloth '10
Unbranded black legging
Black wedges: Pedder Red
Random bangles: Far East, Singapore
Giant pink flower ring: A gift from my friend

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Little Fashionista: Frejya Keona

You guys know Frejya Keona, right? She is my favourite girl in the entire universe! Kyyaaa, I love her so much. She is like the cutest thing ever. My little angel has turned into one hell of a fashionista! In these pictures below she is looking super sweet in pink flats, open-toe wedges and various statement bags. Aaawww! Love you, kid. Muacchhh!

Here is the behind-the-scene thingy. Haha.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Been A While

It has been a while since I made a post labelled Fashion Day Out. I do not know but, I guess I have been just frigging lazy to take pictures because I think my outfits these days were way too simple. They were just tees, shorts and sneakers. However, This morning I felt like putting on some fashionable goodies on myself and, voila!

White zippery loose top: Hypnosis, Singapore
Unbranded black legging: Tanah Abang
Random bracelets: Far East and Cotton On, Singapore
Nude pink super wedges ankle boots: Retail Therapy