Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lustrous Pastel

I am totally speechlessly blown away by this edgy pastel collection of Blumarine (A/W 2010). I think, it is a brilliantly genius idea to combine pastel mini dress with such a lustrous train. The mini-and-rather-tight part of the dress gives a space of movement for the models. So, it gives a sense of balancement to the dress. Also, see how the tan suede boots compliment and are neutral to each one of the dresses.

Currently in love with this color

Blumarine Lets The Zebra Out

Make some room in your closets and go get the zebras. Overwhelmingly worth to possess.

Cute dual-tone thingy on the sleeves

This legging is to die for
Ah! I am so glad I own a Blumarine-look-alike zebra accent scarf.
Loving the snake skin boots (Y)

There are actually more pictures showing how zebra accent is worked on this Blumarine A/W 2010 but some show too much and I prefer the in-moderation one. I mean, nowadays there is no such things as too much details but, still, sometimes less is more, right?

Manish Arora S/S 2010

Manish Arora. Ah, I just cannot get enough of it. Among all of its collections, the spring/summer 2010 is my favorite. Mostly because in this collection it shows a lot of gray and yeah I am a gray addict.

So, to sum up: "no-such-things-as-too-much-details" details, sparkly accent, cage platform wedges, sheer and edgy nude particularly edgy gray (Y)

Shoes Amuse

I had never longed for shoes this badly. I had always been all about leather bags, chunky bracelets, statement necklaces, over-sized tops and outerwear. Now, baammm! I am a shoes junkie. I am not talking about sneakers or flats. I am talking about statement shoes, like pumps, ankle boots, peep toes. Also, not just any of those kinds but specifically the earthy color, edgy nude and suede ones.

I browsed around the Net and these Forever 21's babies are my top three. Don't you just agree?

Taupe peep toe gladiator heels
Camel color system heels
Tan strappy ankle pumps

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today I received an awfully bad news from..myself. Yeah, sounds crazy, whatever. As I was saying, this week I have spent a bam-bam-whoosh amount of moneeyyy! Have been feeling like crying my eyes out (Y_Y)

That bam-bam-whoosh amount of money is equal to..
1. Basic tee: 100,000
2. Puffy top: 100,000
3. Leggings: 100,000
4. Blouse: 190,000
5. Wendy's: 40,000

Pretty dang cha-ching, huh? *stabbing myself with knives* No more shopping, Le. Not for another two or three months. Seriously


"Do not look back over your shoulder because, back there, your shadow is all there is to see. Look forward. There is light. There is your future" - Alexandra Alfons

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gimme Some Blue

Thank God it is Friday! Well, actually for me it does not really matter what day it is. I am having a nine-month holiday. So, I pretty much thank God everyday.

I actually did not know what to write on this post. I just wanted to share some photos and all but..just go with me. Today, uh, today, uuhhh, todaayyy...seriously, in my head? Nothing. Oh! Something! I had Mcd for breakfast, Sausage McMuffin annd hash brown. Yuummm! What a healthy way of living. Long live junk food! \m/(>.<)\m/

Also, today I was feeling kinda blue. So...

Blue bohemian top: Zara
Black legging: Kimi's Boutique, Tanah Abang
Brown flats: Cotton On, Singapore
Ethnic necklace: Mall Malioboro, Jogjakarta
Wooden Bangles: Malioboro, Jogjakarta
Butterfly ring: A gift from my mom's friend
Black stoney ring: Bugis Junction, Singapore
Snake skin watch: A gift from my mom
Vintage sling bag: Pasar Borobudur, Somewhere in South Java
Maroon liberty prints chiffon scarf: Luminescence

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top Notch

"The funny thing about technical errors is that you can usually figure out exactly what caused the problem and fix everything up as good as new. I wish the same were true for human errors. Wouldn't it be great if when we really screw up, we could figure out exactly what made us act like a jackass in the first place? And repair the damage. We would be better off if we could avoid making stupid choices in the first place. Take a minute, think about the collateral damage that we are causing in somebody else' life. As it is, all we have is "I am sorry" and believe me, I am."

I took this right out of Ghost Whisperer, one of my favourite TV series. You guys should try to watch it. It is kinda scary at first but the messages it delivers are nothing but inevitably great and so relevant to our lives.

Simplicity Works

Today was not a va-va-va-voom day for me, definitely not my day. There were super duper teeny tiny little things that made me happy, though, ish. For instance, I love what I wore today. Ha! Sorry for being narcissistic. Also, I bought some leggings, again, to match my nude super wedges ankle boots from Retail Therapy which I cannot wait for.

The colors are basic because I had never had ones like these. Hehe. So, yeah, I am pretty much digging them.

By the way, this was my look for today. Simple and yet, I think, there was something something going on with the necklace and the convertible shawl. Thanks to Nefertiti Jewelz and Cotton Ink.

Unbranded basic tee: Yuan, ITC Mangga Dua
Gray ripped denim hotpants: Zara
Brown flats: Cotton On, Singapore
Unbranded brown sling bag: Lumi by Alxalexa
Feathery necklace: Nefertiti Jewelz
Classic convertible shawl: Cotton Ink
Wooden Bangles: Malioboro, Jogjakarta
Nude zipper flower ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Maroon and brown leather bracelet: Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"If fashion is everything, be everything" - Alexandra Alfons

Fashionably Therapeutic

Finally, the post I had been waiting to work on, a review about the adorable Retail Therapy.

Retail Therapy (+6221 7279 0738)
Jalan Gandaria Tengah 3 No. 1, Jakarta Selatan

I am totally in love with this clothing line. Everything it sells embodies world-wide current trends. Let Retail Therapy dresses you and, believe me, you will never run out of styles. This can be the next big fashion thing in Indonesia, hopefully, because I will feel sorry for any of you who are not aware of this line.

For me, Retail Therapy is unique because, I think, its basic concept is just "Be everything that fashion is". You cannot find only one worldly fashion trend in when you visit it. There is always, well, everything! For instance, the current trends are edgy nude and pastel color, lace, shoulder padding, velvet, dual-tone patterns, chunky accessories, vintage bag, platform shoes and, you know what, it got 'em all in one store! Don't believe me? Sure, what the heck, your loss, not mine.

I am not only in love with what it sells but also with what it store looks like. It just has this lovely vibe and it is so comfy. I love sitting and roaming around the store more than laying down in my roomy. Seriously, I visited the store three times last week. Haha.

The statement shoes and bags display
Even the tree looks fashionable
Top notch, huh?
Some earrings, brooches and rings it sells.
Hey, there are my zipper flower rings. Hehe

Cute sofas, maroon really compliments the surrounding display.
See the clothes. Different styles, different models, different materials and yet seem so right being displayed together

Two words to sum up, fashionably therapeutic :)

Darn Great

This Tuesday was greaattt! Wanna know why? Don't? Yeah, whatever, it is my blog so I am gonna tell you guys anyway :P

1. Kalista from Retail Therapy found the nude-coloured suede for my super wedges ankle boots! What a mood booster, right?

2. I finally found a loose v-neck basic tee and I got it in green because I think it will go with everything and match perfectly with my nude super wedges ankle boots.

I know there is nothing special with this tee but my closet is lacking of basic tee and I had never had a v-neck so, yeah, I am loving it

3. Lumi by Alxalexa keeps on getting more and more customers. You know what that means, right? Yeah, baby, I am few steps closer to launch my new line, Alxalexa.

4. I ate something other than five-spooned rice with a sunny side up egg. I had a cheese melt burger and some chicken nuggets which I kinda regretted because in other words I had a hey-I-trash-this-jelly-belly-with-carbs food.

There you go. I have shared the highlights of my day. What's yours?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Guys, did you read my "Outer Spacey and Lacey" post? In that post I said there was nothing special for my birthday but, clearly, I was wrong. Wanna know why? Ha! So excited to share this great news with you. I am not gonna type the whole story out. I am just gonna upload the most beautiful picture that explains the whole story about my birthday surprise. Kyyaaa!

I won!!! :D

And hell yeaahhh I am getting the super wedges ankle boots. Yippy dippy! The best part is I am getting 'em in nude color! Man, can this day get any greater? Don't think so. Ha!

I guess, Jesus read my post and let me win the IDR 250,000 shopping voucher from Retail Therapy. Hehe. And yeah, thanks to Kalista for picking me as one of the super duper lucky winners :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Second One

Hey guys, I am working on some new design that is due some time next week. Yeah, this fashionista will be the second celebrity Lumi by Alxalexa supports, hopefully. Still have no idea, actually, what to make. I am like fashionably brainless, at the moment. Need some inspiration here, guys. By the way, her team sets a minimum of five items to offer and, yeah, that is a lot of work for me. Gonna work my hardest, though. Sorry, I am not telling who I am gonna support this time because it is not fixed yet. But if the good news is out, I will definitely scream it out to the top of my lungs. I am crossing my fingers, my toes and even my butt cheeks. The butt-cheeks part is disgusting but, yeah, you know what I mean, right? Hehe.

Okay, I am out, guys. What a day. Good night and good dreams, good people. Muach

Yummy Tummy

For my birthday my uncle took me and my whole family to dinner. It was so nice of him. Hehe. We had seafood and man, this stuff could not get any yummier. Totally my guilty pleasure. I was like totally forgot about my diet and just kept on filling this void with the grilled fish, fried shrimp and, um, squid with honey or something.

Stripey playful tee: Magic Happens, Tendencies
Gray ripped denim hotpants: Zara
Unbranded shoes: Ladies Market, Dong Men, Shen Zhen
I wore the shoes as If I didn't care.
Looked so simple, well, messy. Hehe
They looked much yummier before I trashed 'em out into my tummy

Aahhh, tomorrow I am definitely gonna hit the gym, work my butt out and burn all these carbs. Hmpf. Saying hello to RPM and yeah, I am not happy :/

Perfect Birthday Gift

This will be the perfect birthday gift. By the way, I wear size 41. Haha!

Gray super wedges ankle boot by Retail Therapy
And by "super" I mean 12 cm!

I uploaded this picture in the biggest size possible. That's the hint of how much I want this. Huhu, too bad (blank) is not around. He would have bought it for me in a blink of an eye (U.U)\m/

Outer Spacey and Lacey

Today was my 18th birthday and, I don't think, there was anything special. Well, except I got tonnes of great birthday wishes, especially from my Cookies - "cookies" is the word I choose to call my dearest and sweetest friends.

Oh! There were two good things, though, yesterday. I bought myself an outer-space patterns puffy bodycon and I got this sweet package from Nefertiti Jewelz. You guys remember my post "Mind Blowing Collection(s)", right? Yeah, Prita loved it so she sent me these adorable babies which one of 'em I chose to wear today.

Adorable freebies (Y)
Blue outer spacey puffy bodycon: Luminescence
Acid wash denim legging: Luminescence
Peep toe boots: Pedder Red, Plaza Indonesia
Unbranded black leather bag: A gift from my mom's friend

Black edgy silver zipper flower ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Black stoney ring: Bugis Junction, Singapore
Some I-don't-know-what-to-call-it bangles: ITC Mangga Dua
White lacey necklace: Nefertiti Jewelz