Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Edgy Nude

I had like the best time in my life today. Literally. I met my aunt and uncle. I missed them, especially my aunt, so frigging much. She is like the coolest aunt eveerrr! She spoils me in a way any aunts could ever do. I love her. Yeah, my aunt is superb and my uncle is tall and duper funny. I cannot help but laugh when I am around him. They are great. Love them.

This afternoon I accompanied my aunt getting her hair done and we had a quick lunch at Bakerzin. I had penne in smoked beef and beef bacon. Yum! Then, we made a quick stop at somewhere in Radio Dalam for her facial treatment or something. After that we had a little tea-and-cake time with my uncle and my mom at Satoo, Shangrila. I had Sultan Nougat which is overwhelmingly yummy!

Yeah, I did ruin my diet. It will start again tomorrow, strictly. Huhu.

Not only I got yummy food, I also got hot, striking, fashionable, edgy nude stuffs today. I do not want a long introduction. So, let me just go straight to the points which are...nude pink super wedges ankle boots from Retail Therapy and beige fringe biggie bag from The Little Things She Needs!!! For the bag, big thanks to my aunt. She bought it for me, technically. Hihi. By the way, in the "Girly Shopping" post I told you I was gonna share the lavender ruffle dress later and by later, I mean, now in this post. Hehe.

Lavender ruffle-ish dress: Topshop
Unbranded black cardigan: My mommy's
Brown and pink necklace: Seminyak, Bali
Nude pink super wedges ankle boots: Retail Therapy

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Girly Shopping

It is getting late. Well, not that late but I do not feel like typing my butt off. So, let me give you a short version of my day. Um, where should I start? Oh yeah! Let me start by showing you what I bought today. Hihi. Frigging happy. Actually I bought the floral skirt myself, the rest were all thanks-for-buying-me-all-that-mommy stuffs :P There is one more stuff my mommy bought me. It was kinda ruffle-ish at the bottom and it was lavender! Go figure how girly I have transformed.

This is the I-bought-it-myself Forever 21 floral skirt.
The best part is that it is pink! Hihi.Topshop basic tank tops that cost my mommy Rp 179,000 which were kinda cheap for TopshopAh, the highlight of my day, make-up kit.

Well, my look today was not girly at all. It was more of a rebellious-biker-chick look.

Gray basic tee: Topshop
Cross necklace: Mango
Biker jacket: Cotton On, Singapore
Ripped denim short: DIY
Unbranded black tights: ITC Mangga Dua
Black leather bag: Guess
Maroon canvas boots: Belle, STC Senayan

Silly Dilly

This Friday I went out with Dono, again. We had tonnes of fun, again. Ha! I love hanging out with her. We always sink in our super silly imagination and millions and millions of laughter. Haha, I am smiling as I am typing this post out. It was just the two of us so it was hard to take pictures but then my smarty friend suggested to use that self-timer mode thingy and we did. We took all these pictures below at Blitz while worrying the Blitz staff would kick us out from that duper cozy place. Hehe.

Actually we took turn taking this picture.
It was supposed to have one in which I sat and Dono stood but, yeah, we wrecked that one straight.

Later that night, we finally went to 711 Menteng and, ugh, that place was nothing like I though it would have been. It was more of a downer, I do not know why I think so. Well, I know why. I just do not think it would be appropriate for me to be brutally honest about what I think of that place. We went there for like a second.

Last but not least, I was wearing Retail Therapy's over-sized black top and floral gray mini skirt.

Shoezisme Loves Indonesia

"I do shoezisme, I love shoezisme" This is so truueee! Frankly, Shoezisme is my favorite shoe-line, local-brand-wise. It just launched its latest collection, a collection we all should really be proud of, called I Love Indonesia. Is the name of the collection obvious enough or should I explain it any further? You know what, I enjoy sharing my interest toward this superb local brand so I am gonna explain more, okay?

I Love Indonesia by Shoezisme has the concept of using batik as one of the elements of the shoes. What a brilliant idea, right? Not only it is a cool idea but also it helps improve our nationalism. I do not know about you but I am proud to have Shoezisme as one of Indonesian local brands.

Actually, its latest collection has seven shoe designs but it has only launched its first three. Here are the pictures of those three sweeties.

By the way, I love the name of of each shoes. Hihi. Cute!

Absolutely Floral

Ugh! I forgot to put in the date of the Dorothy Perkins and Steve Madden's fashion show. It was on 26th March 2010, just like Pull and Bear and Miss Selfridge's. Too bad I was getting all sleepy when Miss Selfridge's show started so I only had the Pull and Bear ones. Sorry for the super limited amount of pictures.

By the way, the title may not match that well with the pictures but I used the dress code to each fashion show as the title of the review.

Pretty Preppy

Heyho hello, people. I had not updated my blog for a week or so, but here I am now. Updating. Hehe. Gonna share with you some of the super highlight of my weekend which is the MAP fashion week for Dorothy Perkins and Steve Madden. Here are some pictures from the show.

Dorothy PerkinsSteve Madden

Great collection, huh? I could not help but falling in love with the high-waist shorts in Steve Madden's show. Want some :(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Boots

Another great findings on the Net. They are categorized under "Spring Boots". Super cool, right? Based on all of these pictures, I am concluding that this year's spring boots are all about:
1. Cut-outs
2. Lace-ups
3. Peep-toes
4. Wedges
5. Platforms
6. Leather
7. Suede

Cut-out shoe boots by MajeNude cut-out detail wedges by Camila SkovgaardBlack wedge shoe boots by MangoNude peep-toe boots by ZaraTan lace-up boots by Ash
Jade leather lace-up boots by OfficeSuede cut-out detail boots by Diane von Furstenberg

Ugh! Craving for those babies so frigging dang much but for the Diane von Furstenberg's , I actually have one look super similar to it by Pedder Red. Hehe.

A Heart for Pink

Uuhhh nowadays I am having this soft spot for pink. I do not know why but I just feel like it. Currently I am longing for these babies, in particular. Anyone, feel free to buy 'em for me. Hihi.

Aren't they lovely?

Pictures are courtesy of Drole Project, Supre and Picnic.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Edgy, Fashionable Street Wear

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hihi. My day was pretty much interesting. There was almost nothing not to likey, except for the fact that I had to wake up at 6 a.m on Sunday. Other than that, I had a blast.

Today I went to Grand Indonesia to attend Cosmogirl's workshop and Topshop/Topman's fashion show held by MAP. It was fun. The tips given by the CG crew were amazing and super creatively useful. The workshop's participants DIY-ed like the coolest tees ever! My favorite was, I do not remember her name, but her tee was like cropped and cut-shaped on the back side then the cut parts were covered by lace. Aawww! It was so cute. I should have taken a picture of her and her tees. Huhu. By the way, here are pictures of the workshop and fashion show, which I think had tonnes of nailed-it clothes by Topshop/Topman.

CG crew sharing some tips about DIY-ing basic teesThis was the display leading the way to the fashion show stage(Sorry, this picture is disturbingly blurry)
Hot male models showing Topman S/S 2010 collection

I am emphasizing Topshop S/S 2010 collection more. Sorry, guys, not much to look at for you but, girls, here goes the hotties clothes this season. Before I forget, these are only the pictures of my favorite ones.

Nice top, nice legging, nice shoes, nice legs!
I do not mean to brag but, seriously, look at this superb freebies I got from CG and MAP: goodie bag, cute pencil case, a Topshop tee and two discount vouchers. Yay!

Lastly, this was what I wore today.

Unbranded brown long tank top: ITC Mangga Dua
Black legging: Kimi's Boutique, Tanah Abang
Sheer outerwear: My mom's oldy
Chiffon abstract printed scarf: A gift from my grandma
Brown vintage wedges: My mom's
Brown vintage bag: Pasar Borobudur
Turquoisy ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Rainbow stoney and Indian bracelets: ITC Kuningan