Monday, April 26, 2010

Dressing Down

To be honest, nowadays, I do not feel like dressing myself up. I just love to dress down these days. Thanks to someone who once told me that girls looked even more beautiful when they dressed down. Effortlessly stylish, yeah, that is what I am going for now.

Unbranded tank: ITC Mangga Dua
Unbranded asymmetric outer : ITC Mangga Dua
Ripped denim hotpants: Zara
Unbranded shoes: Dong Men, Shen Zhen
Unbranded sling bag: Tanah Abang

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love Love

By my babs, again. Uh uh, thanks!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks Atmadja

Super big thanks to my Babs for sending me these pinky pictures. Love love, Babs.

Also, looky looky. Adorable, huh? Loving the pink one the most.

Again and again, big thanks. Come home quick, Babi, you have a wall to ruin. Haha. Kiss kiss.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Don't you just love messy bun? Well, it is not a bun, actually. It is more of a really messy hairdo. Yeah, whatever. I am just bored to death. So, enjoy my randomness. Toodle!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pacific and Pink

This afternoon I did a little shopping with my mom at ITC Mangga Dua. She shopped a heck lot more than I did. So, today was more of her day than it was of mine. I only got, um, I cannot even call what I bought. Oh yeah, I finally remembered, I bought new glasses and yeah, another biggie. Hehe. I wore 'em in these pictures, by the way. What do you think? Too big? Yeah, that was what I was going for.

Uh uh, also, yesterday my maid found two of my pink shoes, they were sneakers and boots. For today I decided to wear the sneakers. Don't they suit my (mommy's) new basic v-neck tee? Hehe.

Pacific basic v-neck tee: Zara
Ripped denim shorts: Zara
Pink sneakers: Adidas
Beige fringe bag: The Little Things She Needs
Nude pink Sheer Up ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Cream patterned bangles: Seminyak, Bali

Friday, April 16, 2010

Widikidiw Loved Them

Heyho hello, babies! I have lots to share about my superb Friday. Let me start with the meeting I had with Widy "Vierra". Yeah, I finally met her. Woohoo! I met her at Regal, Citos, to give her the Lumi by Alxalexa's sheer rings she asked for last week. Guess what, she loved 'em! She got the hot pink, purple and beige. She wore the beige one as soon as she opened the package. We had a chit chat, then. She was nice and friendly. I, actually, find her fun to hang out with but, I guess, the nerve kinda stroke in so yeah we both stuck in the Blackberry-autism in our first meeting. Hehe. But, seriously, she was super fine. And, man, do I love her super high heels or what!

Thanks, Widy's momster, for taking this picture. You are cool. Hehe.
By the way, Widy was wearing her beige sheer up ring.
Widy and her purple and beige sheer ring by Lumi by Alxalexa

After I was done having a blast at Citos, I headed to PIM for my first encounter class at Wall Street and, man, it was educationally exciting. I passed unit 41 and qualified for the 42. Yay to that. My day ended with an eeny meeny shopping at Grand Indonesia. I bought a low-back-and-front neckline Dorothy Perkins' basic tee. Thanks to my mommy.

Last but not least, this was what I wore.

Sand boxy tee: Cotton Ink
Ripped denim shorts: Zara
Triangle necklace: Lumi by Alxalexa
Velvet ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Wooden bangles: Malioboro, Jogjakarta
Beige fringe bag: The Little Things She Needs
Maroon canvas boots: Belle

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easy Tank

Today was a rather funny day. Do not know why I see it that way. Just feel like it, I guess. Sorry, I was being cricky. Hehe. Anyway, I went to Retail Therapy. I accompanied Lydia and Pevita. By the way, she brought her boy, yeah, Nino. Pretty cool. Hehe. Too bad I did not take a picture with them. I did not feel like embarrassing myself, I guess. My second "I guess" in this first paragraph. Hehe. Whatever you say, Le.

Not much to share about today. So, let's just cut to the case. This was what I wore today.

White basic easy tank: Topshop
Floral mini skirt: Topshop
Black cardigan: My mommy's
Little ropey necklace: Mango
Velvet ring: Lumi by Alxalexa
Wooden bangles: Malioboro, Jogjakarta
Beige fringe bag: The Little Things She Needs
Ubranded sneakers: Dong Men, Shen Zhen

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Floral Playsuit

Hey hey hey, I finally got out of the house. It had been almost a week since I stayed at home with boredom. Yeah, boredom was my new best friend. Dang.

Today I had a quick day out, thank to my grandma it was super quick. My mommy and I wanted a lot longer one. Huhu. We had yummy lunch, though, at Din Tai Fung, Plaza Senayan. Then, we just roamed around looking for something to shop but I guess I was just too stingy to buy myself something fashionable today. What I shopped for myself today was just Cold Stone's cheesecake flavor ice cream with chocolate mint topping. Aahhh, heaven.

Also, I got some teaser today. Call me late or whatever but I saw this pink Swatch chrono plastic watch. Man, I am craving for it so dang much but it was Rp 1,349,000. Huhu.

It is adorable and, most importantly, it is pink!

By the way, last Monday I bought myself this floral playsuit. I am loving it. Are you?

Floral jumpsuit: Cocopink, ITC Mangga Dua
Unbranded black cardigan: My mommy's
Brown lace-up heels: Custom-made
Beige fringe bag: The Little Things She Needs
Gold bangles: Jakcloth '09
Mint sheer ring: Lumi by Alxalexa

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cheer Up, Sheer Up!

This is the highlight of my day, one of LBA's latest ring collection called "Sheer Up". Cheer up, Sheer up. Hihi. I have always loved big and bold accessories. So, just like always, Sheer Up is a biggie too. This collection is my favorite one, so far. Do you think so too? Hehe.

Black, red, purple, shocking pink, baby blue, dark salmon, mint, nude pink, beigeThe best part is, they are see-through!
Sheer is the new trend! Loving it!

This adorable Sheer Up ring is Rp 60,000. Color can be requested as long as it is available in store. By the way, this ring looks incredibly sweet for prom, girls. Hehe. Ah! I love how big this ring is. People will take notice on this lovely Sheer Up.

Dying to have 'em? Contact me to my Twitter, FB account (Luminescence Onlineshopping) or simply email me to Thanks, girls.

Leafy Ring

I decided to make two separate posts about the latest ring collection by Lumi by Alxalexa (LBA). Here is the first one called the leafy ring. It is available in two colors, turquoise and red. Hope you girls like it.

What do you think?
They are Rp 50,000 each

If you like 'em and wish to buy 'em, you can contact me to my Twitter, FB account (Luminescence Onlineshopping) or simply email me to Okay? Thankksss!

Announcement, Everyone

Girls, I think many of you are still confused about the difference between Lumi by Alxalexa and Luminescence online shop So, let me explain it..again. Hehe.

Luminescence sells more of taken-from-wholesalers type of products, particularly clothes and only sold online but Lumi by Alxalexa is an accessory line which is sold online too but has a broader distribution channel, like Retail Therapy, Rock It and, hopefully, one of the top distros in Jakarta. Yeah, it is still on progress, I am still crossing my fingers. Hehe. Not only it has a broader distribution channel, but also the products are designed by myself. So, they are all super unique. None of the products is taken from wholesalers. They can all be resold, though, if you are interested to be the reseller. I will give you special prices :)

Even though they both have different concepts, I am very sorry to tell you guys, Lumi by Alxalexa does not have its own FB account or blog..yet. It will soon have one, though. Please be patient. It still uses the same FB account with Luminescence. This blog also is one of Lumi by Alxalexa media to reach you girls. So, make sure you follow this blog for more of its updates. Hehe.

Thanks, girls. Love, LBA ;)